What’s Unique about Unique Sporthorses?

In three words, honesty, transparencey and experience!

My fee is a 10% commission above the price of the horse. This means that the buyer is fully aware of the sellers price and the whole sales process is transparent. I work for the buyer, with the buyers best interest in mind to provide them with the best deal possible.

Most of the horses offered are not owned by Unique Sporthorses. Using my extensive network I select and offer horses that have the talent and the abililty to excel as sport horses. The horses range from unbroken youngsters right up to elite level sport horses.

There are no hidden fees or expenses. If you decided to come to Holland and you don’t find a horse, the only expense you will have is the cost of the petrol used each day.

Vet checks can be personalized to meet your needs. I will work with your overseas vet to provide them with all the x-rays and exams they require. I will also provide you with a quote so you know what the approximate cost of your vetting will be.

Please feel free to contact me.